12″-14+” Natural Dry Fall Ketapang Leaves


The original natural dry fall Ketapang Leaves from Indonesia with 12″-14+” sizes and 2 quantity options.

We provide selected high quality natural dry fall leaves after cleaning it with wet cloth and packing them. We do not supply leaves from other parties.

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*Due to the natural nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured*

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Ketapang leaves also known as Indian Almond Leaves or Catappa leaves, are great for Shrimp, Bettas, healing mild bacterial and fungal infections etc.

  • For shrimp – replace the leaf when it has been mostly consumed.
  • For Bettas and other fish where we are using the tannins for healing properties use them until they stop turning the water brown. Can also be used as leaf litter for species like Apistogrammas etc.


100 % Ketapang leaves (Catappa leaves, Terminalia catappa or Indian Almond leaves), natural dry fall, in a resealable zip bag for ideal stock-keeping.


  • Ingredients with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects such as tannins and saponins
  • Slow release of the contents into the water, so the antibacterial effect of the leaves lasts for a longer period
  • Authentic habitat structuring, hiding and also food for shrimps and small crayfishes
  • Available as XL & XXL version.


  • Size XL ( Leave size : 7”-12”) suits to large fish take. Recommend using 1 leave per 50-60 liters of water.
  • Size XXL ( Leave size : 12”-14+”) suits to extra large fish take. Recommend using 1 leave per 60-100 liters of water.


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