We are farmers and collectors of traditional agricultural products based in Kalimantan (Borneo) – Indonesia is blessed with very fertile soil for the fields to work every day to earn our living purposes. Because of that fertility, many types of plants live wild in nature or intentionally we planted including Ketapang trees also known as Tropical Almond trees, Catappa trees or Sea Almond trees.

We are ready to supply Ketapang leaves (also known as ; Indian Almond leaves or Terminalia Catappa leaves) needs of throughout the world with our ability as farmers and collectors to be able to provide the best quality of Ketapang leaves by taking good ones, cleaning them, tidying them up and packing them to be ready to send.

The reason why you should get our Ketapang leaves is because we get them directly from the wild (not the garden) which falls naturally (dry leaves fall without picking from their branches) and not through a mechanical drying process or deliberate effort to be free of pesticides or contamination of other chemicals that will be bad for your fish or shrimp.

We guarantee the best quality of Ketapang leaves for our consumers free from dust / soil dirt, bacteria and fungi.

Finally, we will be very satisfied if our customers are happy to get the best quality of our Ketapang leaves for their freshwater fish and shrimp needs, as an ideal place for them and to meet their tannin needs.