Handling & Shipping


Take it directly above the ground – We have special staff to take natural dried Ketapang leaves that fall from the tree directly within a period of no more than 1 x 24 hours of fall from the twigs and choose which ones are intact and healthy.

Cleaning – All leaves are taken, manually cleaned with damp cloth and soft wet sponge.

Flattening – In general, we never flatten all of leaves that have been cleaned except for consumer demand.

Sorting – All leaves will be sorted according to the grade quality and size of the leaf.

Packaging – After the leaves have been separated according to their grade quality and size, we will wrap them in elastic plastic with 50 pieces of each package to maintain their shape and quality.

Handling Time – It will be take 2 working days.


Rates – We do not charge package shipping for all customers.

Estimated Delivery Time – The duration of delivery depending on the country, customs clearance and holidays. In general, if you live in big cities it will take 7-9 days. However, if you are in a smaller city, more extra time is needed. We will inform shipping receipts to consumers and always monitor package trips to the destination.

Customs at the Mail Center – It must be understood that each order will go through a customs inspection process at the mail center before arriving at the destination. This allows shipment of dried Ketapang leaves from Indonesia will require different time in each destination country.

We ship worldwide and your order will be dispatched directly from Kalimantan (Borneo) – Indonesia via EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE (EMS) with tracking number.

Buyer shall be responsible for any local taxes or custom clearance of the order.

We ship only to PayPal verified address, please check that your order delivery address is same as your PayPal address, please make confirmation first before purchasing.